Deciding to return to university at the age of 43 was, perhaps, not my most thought out move. Long days, longer nights, lots of work and surrounded by people half my age. I suddenly feel very, very old…. and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I graduated from the University of Alberta at the age of 32. I embarked on a freelance journalism career not realizing that was very close to putting my head into a wood chipper. Long hours, very little pay and even less respect. Yet, I made it work somehow and started to get somewhere. Then tragedy struck.

I’d like to believe I’m one of those people touched by the Gods and is never touched by anything bad or miserable. Or, alternately, that I’m one of those people touched by the Gods and is always touched by what is bad and miserable. One is comfortable, the other is dramatic. The truth is far more mundane. I’m human and sometimes shit happens. That’s what happen at the turn of the millennium.

Doctors diagnosed my brother with colon cancer. Originally he was given about 3 months to live, but he wound up living almost a year. Although he continued working and working out long after doctors said he would die, he was dying. I made a choice. I decided to do less freelancing in order to help him. A week before his death I promised to care for our parents.

For ten years I cared for my parents and tried to work out a career. Anyone who has been a primary caregiver knows how much work is involved in that. After my father’s death it was time to get back out into the work world. Journalism is a young person’s game, that’s obvious. I tried to enter the work world using my writing skills but found out a sad truth; the world had run away from me while I was caring for my parents. Until this year I had no idea what blogging was. I thought maybe it was some weird dance kids did while holding glo-sticks.

So, with my heart pounding, I screwed up my courage and went back to school to bolster my now useless Bachelor of Arts degree. Daily I wish I could take 20 years off my life and have the energy I need to do this. It’s hard, half the time  I panic because I’m lost but I keep slogging through. Now I get to design a blog.

Okay, so returning to school has been as painful as losing my virginity. However, it’s been as rewarding, too. I get to blog. Look out world! I’m a blogger!