Everyone’s been hurt by someone they cared about at one point in time or another. That’s nothing new. It happens, life moves on and hurts heal. Mostly. There’s always that sore point, but you just keep going.

What happens, though, when people, men and women, set out to be deliberately cruel. We’ve all run across people like this; the beautiful barbie who invites the fat geek to the exclusive party so everyone can  have a laugh. The guy who tells the girl exactly what she wants to hear so he can get her in bed. This player dumps her soon after and sometimes will reveal to her that he just wanted to fuck her. She realizes she was nothing more than a cunt to put his cock into.

We’ve all been their victims in one way or another. The office mate who tells you what a great job you’re doing on a project then undermines you in the meeting. The friend who tells others the deep, dark secrets you’ve shared in confidence. These hurts cut closer to the bone than a simple parting of ways and do far more damage. We all wonder about these people and what kind of sociopathic thinking allows them to sleep at night. However, what we don’t think about is stopping them.

These cruel people have friends, believe it or not. They have peers, husbands and wives (sometimes), families, they are a part of society. Yet, not one person in their lives stops to tell them what they’re doing is wrong. We listen to the secrets and giggle the shame of betraying a trust away. We admire the guy who made one more conquest. We laugh at the beautiful woman with the embarrassed nerd on her arm. We allow them to bully others in their subtle ways and never once think to stand up and tell them what they’re doing is wrong. We might not be liked if we do that.

My father taught me it was far more important to do what was right rather than be popular. I believe that if one person stood up and said, “this is wrong” eventually the message would get across. If we stopped giving these people power and attention they would stop their behaviour. They do these cruel things because there are rewards. 

For myself, I’m tired of hearing gossip. I’m tired of another alpha male strutting before the herd. I’m tired of the nonsense. Next time, I’m speaking up.