Lately life has been coming at me with all the grace of a meth addict trying to tango to Marilyn Manson. Everything’s all over the place and I don’t know where to begin. So, like the go-getter person I am, I began with a bath. Baths solve everything.

Okay. They don’t. However, they do allow me to do what my brain urges me to do at these times; hide. Those who follow my posts will remember that I am a former sufferer of anxiety due to misdiagnosis and mismedication. While I am past that now and don’t have the blinding, soul wrenching panic attacks I once did, life has changed for me. When things get too overwhelming, I have a tendency to want to shut myself away playing World of Warcraft. I have control over that. Kill things, get gold, kill more things. Easy.

Admittedly life would be simpler if it worked on the same principle as World of Warcraft. Kill things like the neighbours across the street who think 3 am on a Monday morning is a great time to conduct what must be either divorce proceedings or one hell of a party. Collect gold so you don’t have to worry about only having a week to get a job. Kill more things like schools who can’t make registration an easy process.

Although that might seem tempting, it would also land you in jail. On the bright side of that, jail does provide you with free room and board, three meals a day and pleasant people who’d all like to be your friend. No. I’m too pretty for jail. Besides, I’m not sure the prison uniform comes in my size.

So here I am, life has me by the ovaries (well, since I don’t have balls) and I’m getting a mite nervous. I need a job, I need an apartment, I need to register for September classes, I need to apply for scholarships…. need, need, need. I’m trying to stay positive, I get a new apartment in a neighbourhood that isn’t the city meeting place for all the crack heads and freaks. I get to start a new job and earn some real money for a change rather than only earning what the scholarship people will pay me which is barely enough to get by on. September means starting new classes and learning new stuff. Okay. You get the idea.

It’s hard, though. But lately I’ve been reminded of some advice I was given years ago. When life comes at you hard and fast and you barely escape one tragedy only to find yourself in another and you’re so overwhelmed you can’t think; breathe. Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. There. That’s one more moment you’ve survived and if you can keep going from moment to moment, eventually the moments will add up and you’ll get through the day. Just make it through that day and remember, every day is that day. Then, eventually, things will get back to normal and you’ve gotten through.

Just breathe.