Okay. I made a tactical error in finances. When I left my position with the Government of Alberta, I had enough money to see me through August comfortably. Come September, school would start and so would funding. Oops. Funding and I had different ideas on what that meant.

See, my funding doesn’t start until mid-September, a fact I just learned today. Rent is due on September 1st. Hmmm…. I wonder how much I can get for a kidney on e-bay? Okay, so that leaves me a little short. Well, sort of.

I had saved $500 to contribute to my schooling but since the darn apartment managers insist on their rent on the first of each month (damn annoyance that), that may well go towards rent instead. Let’s see, what’s more important. A place to live or books. Guess which one wins? So I’ll make it up later. Right? Well, then comes October rent. Wait a minute. You mean I have to pay that every time? Damn.

Okay. So I got this. It’s a little like juggling wet cats, but I think I got it. The $500 I saved for school will now pay rent and bills. October’s rent will come from September’s sponsorship money. Books will come from October scholarship money and so on. Yeah. This  could work.

Except that whole darn eating habit I have. Ah well, I live in a neighbourhood full of gardens. I see some midnight raids coming up in my future.