August 11th is Dairy Queen’s “Miracle Treat Day“. Buy a Blizzard and Dairy Queen will donate $1 or more to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

I love being able to donate to causes I believe in. I give to many animal shelters and organizations (I’m a big supporter of the World Wildlife Fund) and I try to give voice to those fund-raising efforts I believe in. Christmas time irritates me as many organizations I don’t support try to guilt me into giving money. I give year round to organizations I want to, now go away. Okay. More on that rant later in the year.

One of my favorite fund-raising efforts is Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day. I love this. For one day I will cheerfully ignore the fact that I’m a diabetic to get a delicious blizzard. The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals do very good work for some very sick kids. So, if you bust open your wallet and get a Dairy Queen Blizzard. It’ll make you feel good.