I am a lazy writer. Okay, so you got that from my blogs. I’ll write every day for weeks and then a there is a span of four or five days where there’s nothing. Well, World of Warcraft isn’t going to play itself, you know.

Actually, the truth is that I’m not  a lazy writer. I work very hard on my writing and try to work diligently every day. However, I’m a sporadic writer and need my down time. Thus the need for World of Warcraft.

I hear writers talking about how they work ten hours a day every day and ignore their friends and family all for the sake of the printed word. I get that. I get how involved a good story can make a writer. It also confuses me. There are days when all I do is write but for the most part I write for about four to six hours a day. Not all of it is typing, either. Some days I sit and stare at the screen and wish I had anything open but Word.

I’ve always considered myself an experiential writer. I write about what I experience. If all I experience is writing, then all I can write about is writing. Oh dear god. I just got a headache putting that sentence down. Talk about a logic loop. I see it all the time, too. Stephen King is notorious for creating characters that are writers of one degree or another. Misery, Secret Window are just two that jump out off the top of my head. Others feature writers prominently like It. Other writers fall into this trap as well. It’s easy for a writer to create a main character who is a writer. It’s a character that’s ready made for us, all we have to do is paint by numbers writing. I think it’s cheap.

Writers are the smoke and mirrors on the stage. Everyone sees them, but no one pays attention. The magician focuses their attention on the disappearing elephant yet it’s the smoke and mirrors that makes it happen. The reader wants to watch the elephant disappear and see the magician make it happen. They don’t want or need to hear about how the smoke and mirrors do their job.

If, as a writer, all you do is write, the only character and experience you will have is writing. Push away from your desk. Go see the elephants, talk to the magicians. Experience life. Don’t subject your readers to a lubeless ass-pounding of reading about writers.