I’m not a regular poster on this blog because I thought no one was reading. I check my stats and get one or two hits, but nothing spectular. Until tonight when there were nine very warm and positive comments waiting for me. Thank you to everyone who commented and I will try to post more regularly.

Everywhere I turn I hear about “green” this and “eco” that. The eco-weenies are running around screaming, “the sky is falling” and giving some horrible advice. I’m tired of it. I know it’s not very popular of me to say so, but can I just scream at them once, “SHUT UP!” Nature is extremely resiliant and if She has a parasite She doesn’t like or causes Her harm, She will get rid of it. However, life will go on. Maybe not human life, but life nonetheless.

I can hear the gasps of disbelief already. This is a topic that everyone thinks about but no one talks about. The emperor isn’t wearing any clothes but let’s not tell him that. Come on, people, wake up already. Let’s just discuss the bad ideas the eco-weenies have come up with.

Bamboo – but bamboo is wonderful and it helps unicorns get their horns and fairies fly free because of it. The ultimate renewable resource, huh? Okay. Let’s take a real look at this stuff. Yes, bamboo grows fairly quickly compared to the trees normally cut down. Yes, I get that. However, they do take time to regrow. Meanwhile, we’re cutting down the main food source of an endangered species; the panda. That loveable, shy forest creature is getting their homes and food sources cut down wholesale so that you can feel “greener”. This stuff goes into making everything from flooring, paper, socks, towels, toilet paper and you name it. Heck, you can even eat it. Wait. Isn’t that the point? We’re consuming this stuff and what’s happening to the panda? Good question. Don’t ask the eco-weenies. It’s like the Wizard of Oz said, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Recycling – okay. You separate your bottles and plastics and paper, put them in a blue bag every week and the nice man comes and takes them away and  you feel like you’ve done your earthly good deed. It gets taken away to Narnia where little gnomes turn them into flowers and shiny stars for all the good boys and girls. Seriously, that’s the fairy tale people are buying into? Let’s take a look at what it takes to recycle stuff. It takes energy to recycle. Lots and lots of it. Plus there’s the waste product the recycling plant puts out. As well, not everything you recycle gets actually recycled. If you fail to follow the rules and something finds its way into your little blue bag that shouldn’t be there, the whole thing gets thrown out. Yet not one of the eco-weenies has taken these recycling plants to task and demanded that better ways be found. Energy saving methods, less waste by-product. Nope. This is merely a means to keep your local governments from having to actually fund research into finding out what the hell to do with the landfills.

Books – let’s look at this people. Do yourself a favor and look around your home. How many books are there? Now, take a good hard look at those books. Each one of them is filled with paper. There are now e-books available through such devices as Kindle and Kobe and even the iPad has books available. Yet, what do I hear? “It’s not the same.” Yes, you’re right. It’s not the same. If you’re so short sighted as to believe that a book is merely pages upon pages of paper, you’ve learned nothing from the greats. Legolas isn’t a bunch of pages, he’s words and Boo Bradley isn’t limited to dead tree material. Yet publishers are reluctant to publish e-books. Why? They don’t sell as well as the paper versions. Yet, look at most of those who cling to those books and have their noses shoved deep into them. They’ll tell you they’re eco-friendly and “do their part”. They wear tie-dyed t-shirts and shout slogans. Yes, they’re good little hippies who are busy cutting down forests because they refuse to adjust and do something real for the environment. It’s not just them, either. Colleges and universities could have their textbooks available on an easy to access e-book at a fraction of the cost. Most don’t. Why? That’s a good question. Go ask them. I encourage you.

So if we remove all the nonsense stuff the eco-weenies spew, what are we left with? Make some good, common sense choices. Stuck for ideas? Here’s a few;

Hemp – I am a strong supporter of this stuff. It does everything; paper, clothes, oils, makes julienne fries. Easy to cultivate, easy to manufacture, easy to maintain, strong and the products are quality stuff. One negative is that it’s expensive. Well, it’s expensive because not enough people buy the stuff. If more people bought hemp products, more farmers would be encouraged to grow it.

Fair Trade Products – fair trade products green? What the hell? Yes. Green. The coffee you get from the big name companies that mass produce the stuff doesn’t taste nearly as good as the slightly more expensive stuff you buy from fair trade. Fair trade encourages small farmers and local producers to continue their trade. So, that handmade scarf you got in the fair trade store may not be Simon Chang, but it’s handmade and not mass produced.

Transportation – If you have a Hummer in your driveway do everyone a favour and ask your spouse to slap you. If you have an SUV and it isn’t a hybrid, you should be ashamed. Tell me, how is it my parents got by with one car for a family of six and todays families need a vehicle that looks like it needs to be in the Outback of Australia? Here’s a suggestion; one day a week, put away your vehicle, whatever it is. Park it. Don’t drive it unless there’s an emergency (you know, anything that involves fire, police or ambulance). Keep it parked for the whole day and have the family find alternative means to get around for that one day. When my siblings were younger, my parents were too poor to afford a vehicle. So, every weekend in the summer, they packed up three kids, a picnic lunch and headed off to a city park for the day. Those days became valued memories for my siblings. Do something as a family. Go for a walk, take a bike ride. Whatever, but leave that gas guzzling beast in the garage.

Children – okay. Here’s where I get into trouble with my readers. Someone has to say it, though. STOP HAVING BABIES! Tell me, does one family really need 19 children? I can understand if this were the 1400’s and most of them died of childhood diseases before the age of five. This is the 21st century! 19 children is obscene. If we really want to do something substantial for this earth, we will stop watching shows like “Kate Plus Eight” or whatever the hell it is. Stop encouraging these people with obscenely large families. Stop buying into the Octomom’s nonsense. Here’s the problem; those 19 children or 8 children or however many are going to have children of their own. 19 becomes a whole lot more when they grow up and have families on their own and this earth has limited resources. So, a family of 8 or 10 or 19 uses up that many resources and takes away from those families who choose to be reasonable and have one or two children. If you currently have a large family, talk to your children about having small families. And if you know of someone like me who has chosen not to have children, take time to thank them. They’ve left more resources are available for your children. Stop making people feel like they need to have babies in order to be a whole person.

Make intelligent, informed decisions. Chicken Little can cry about the sky falling all they like. We need to stop suckling at the paper teat and listening to the eco-weenies. If you really want to help the earth, do something that matters.